This is an exercise against the Corporate Takeover of Our Bodies and Brains!

In the current phase of late capitalism, we are experiencing crucial contractions in the way labor is framed. Every living experience can be commodified, and our source of imagination is distorted to inevitably become a source of income.

A work fair, the search for work, and opportunities for our survival keep us on constant loops of extraction. A work fair is an act of cruelty where deep anxieties come afloat, of a silent competition in a loud uproar of internalized questions such as, am I enough?

This is an invitation for a protest, an act of voicing through our bodies, a form of listening with physical and discursive exercises in unproductivity and slowing down where we root in our environment.

This platforms invites workers and non-workers from all fields. Collective walking and listening are lifelong practices imbuing a visceral, embodied knowledge of healing in this ever-increasing chaos and confusion of today’s world.