The body as an object of knowledge cannot, therefore, precede its enactment of these processes; it is, in fact, an actor within a broader space, and cannot be analyzed as a self-contained phenomenon. The constitution of the body as a phenomenon of social doing also finds resonance in the work of Gayatri Spivak:

“The body, like all other things, cannot be thought, as such. I do take the extreme ecological view that the body as such has no possible outline. As body it is a repetition of nature. As a text, the inside of the body (imbricated with the outside) is mysterious and unreadable except by way of thinking of the systematicity of the body, value coding of the body. It is through the significance of my body and others’ bodies that cultures become gendered, economicopolitic, selved, substantive.” (2012, p.22)

My Body
Does Not Run on
Gregorian Time 

The Antiwork Fair is part of the expansive project called “My Body Does Not Run on Gregorian Time“ in which I explore the technoecologies of the body, meaning the changes in labor are inseparabled from transformations in the material, ecological health, and affective body. 

In order to bring a new understanding of ecological systems from the labor machine and its constant demands and changes in the search for ultimate productivity, and unbounded efficiency.